Real investment education for professionals,
not box ticking CPD


6-week Investment Expert Series

Are you a financial professional?

Are you successful, but want to achieve more?

Are you time pressured and find most CPD is just box ticking?

Could you improve the value of your proposition to your clients, convert more business with High Net Worth prospects or help yourself understand industry jargon better?

If so, the 6-week Investment Expert Series is made for you! 

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“Already, the conversations I am having with clients are better”
Stephen King, King’s Financial, Braintree
“When I join a session like this I want to come away with a couple of ‘golden nuggets’ that I can integrate into my client conversations. In that respect, this definitely delivered.”
Pippa Judson, Chasebridge Wealth Management

Really good, helpful and clear!

Rachel Caroo, Senior Compliance Officer, Triton Partners

Upcoming courses and 
one-off sessions


Thursday, 4 November, 6-7pm                                               Online

Understand cryptocurrencies

£99  with money back guarantee

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Friday, 5 November, 8-9am                                                    Online

Understand cryptocurrencies

£99  with money back guarantee

REGISTER HERE for 5 November session


Friday, 12 November to 17 December, 8-9am                   Online

6-week Investment Expert Series

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Peter Hensman

Peter Hensman has nearly 30 years of experience working in financial services. He has worked as an investment strategist and fund manager at a major UK investment house and qualified as a financial adviser.

He is passionate about helping others learn about markets and investing. Peter established The Procademy to enable financial professionals to bridge the gap between the knowledge required to pass exams and the real world of investment jargon. 

His experience in investment research, fund management, and advising give him a unique perspective on financial markets and in helping others communicate the ups and downs of investing clearly with clients and prospects.

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