Are a financial professional?

Do you feel uncomfortable when clients ask detailed questions about markets?

Do you want to improve your investment knowledge but find most CPD is just box ticking and doesn't help you to develop? 


Then you are in the right place! 


While exams and CPD courses teach the basics, they leave a big gap to really understanding market jargon and trends.

The Procademy was established to provide engaging and informative investment education to help you build your knowledge and confidence in conversations with clients.

Our courses and bespoke training go beyond the standard learning of exam courses and CPD. We help you to understand and learn from leading fund managers, so you can talk confidently with clients about their investments and grow the value of your client proposition. 

The Procademy is independent of all investment houses. With no investment product to sell, there isn't the risk of a potential conflict of interest in our teaching. 


We aim to help you to excel in your business. By accelerating your ability to build trust and win more of the right type of clients, you can be more than just another financial life coach.


Invest today in CPD that will improve the value of your client proposition  

Our sessions enable you to build upon and apply the knowledge you have developed in your professional exams to current market events.

Not only can this stop awkward client questions making you feel out of your depth, it can also help you to convert more new business opportunities and prevent clients from leaving when performance dips. 

The 6-week Investment Expert Series, and intensive half-day, group sessions can help cement and build on the knowledge you have already accumulated.

These sessions improve your understanding of markets and teach you how to interpret fund manager jargon. With this knowledge you can get more value from fund manager presentations and their newsletters which you can share with clients. 

By developing your ability to learn from daily market information, these sessions enable you to go on to teach yourself and add more value for your clients.


In addition to the small group sessions, The Procademy offers one-to-one coaching with programs tailored to your requirements and timings.

This bespoke service is especially useful for those who are time pressured and want teaching targeted to specific topics. In addition, we can assist in creating short comments, blog pieces, and market updates to demonstrate your growing knowledge to your clients. 


Please CONTACT US for more information and to discuss how we can help boost your investment knowledge. 


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