The Procademy 6-week Investment Expert Series

This course is designed to help financial professionals build on the investment basics covered in their professional exams.

The content bridges the gap between that knowledge and the reality of market jargon most investors communicate in, helping you to explain important details to your clients with clarity.

1 - Core bond essentials

This session covers the essential elements of the 'risk-free' asset in portfolios, and how they stand at the centre of understanding the relationship between other asset classes.

2 - Bonds and the cycle

Building on the first session, this examines how a bond manager manages this core portfolio and the impact of the cycle on this asset class.

3 - Credit: boost bond returns

In a low interest rate world, core bonds provide minimal return. This session looks at how credit risk can enhance portfolio returns, and how this can be managed through a cycle.

4 - Equity essentials

Why are equities normally the core of an investment portfolio? What are the fundamentals that make this asset such a good bedrock for a typical long-term investor?

5 - Equities extra

This session looks at different equity investing styles, active versus passive investing and why understanding the approach used by a manager is crucial to explaining returns to clients.

6 - Currency, commodities + alts

Completing this journey through different asset classes, this session looks at how currency (including cryptocurrency), commodities and alternatives can add to portfolio return profiles.

Course and 1-2-1 session details

At the end of the course you will have a firm understanding of financial markets and investing and will feel confident discussing portfolios with clients.


Not only will you have a strong grasp of key terminology, you will be better able to learn from the jargon filled chatter on financial media and be set to gather snippets of information from all sources to knowledgeably add to your client conversations.


The course is run via interactive, online webinars and is available at an introductory price of £627.


Numbers are strictly limited to ensure all participants benefit from the sessions.


The package includes 6 x 1-hour small group sessions, all course materials and notes together with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify your understanding between webinars.


In addition to the small group sessions, The Procademy offers a Bespoke Education Service of one-to-one coaching with programs tailored to your requirements and timings.


This Bespoke Education Service is especially useful for those who are time pressured and want teaching targeted to specific topics. Bespoke Education sessions are available at a price of £249 per hour.


Please contact Peter@TheProcademy to arrange a 30-minute, no obligation session to discuss your requirements.


An additional part of the bespoke education service is can include assistance in creating short comments, blog pieces, and market updates to demonstrate your growing knowledge to your clients.


Please CONTACT US for more information and to discuss how we can help boost your investment knowledge. 



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